A York House Story

The idea started a few years ago when we released a collection of videos called Live at the Banks House. From that point on we were hooked on visual storytelling. The past 10 years has largely been a focus on musical storytelling; we never quite had all the right elements in one place to give visual the attention it needed, until now.

For years the question has loomed, what if we found a large enough space for a handful of creatives to live, work and collaborate together for months on end? And given enough time and kombucha what could they get done? Would they finally be able to tell the kind of stories they’ve always wanted to tell?

We don't know the full answer, but we've found a group crazy enough to try it and a space big enough to house it.

Six of us made the move to Cali in October to establish the first United Pursuit creative-house. York House has just enough rooms, offices, a courtyard and a large common livingspace to help host and facilitate the dream. The team has just begun putting initial ideas together, mostly a lot of brainstorming and juicing has been taking place as they adjust to their new vegan lifestyles.

But it's not just about the projects, no, you're here and we’re here too. We moved to LA because it is the crossroads of you and me: a creative movement we individually know because it calls us to unearth and mirror the human experience through art, faith and conversation.

That's what this webpage is about, a simple invitation to collaborate and grow. A safe place to affirm the call of the creative and the unique inside of you.

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